High-tech Replication

Ultra-high-resolution art scanning, three-billion-pixel reproducing and Giclée printing technologies are utilized to recreate the most authentic images from immortal masterpieces by world art masters.

Premium Quality Papers/Canvas

Rice paper 100 or 300 gsm, pure handmade; 100% Cotton Canvas 380 gsm, with water repellent finish; Museum Etching Paper 300 gsm, with the same rich texture and natural-tone base as traditional etching painting albums do. Ideal for warm color tone or subtle gray-scale images. 

Advanced Printing/Color Management

Machine: Epson PrecisionCore, MicroTFP, and Micro Piezo printhead technologies, with 2400x1200 DPI max resolution.

Ink: Genuine Epson UltraChrome Ink sets, including 10 colors, can perfectly reproduce all light and dark details. With its base pigments from natural materials, the colors can last 200 years.

Creative Mounting/Framing Techniques

48 steps of craftsmanship in the framing procedure

Back Covering: entirely covered with kraft paper

Front Covering: thickened acrylic sheets, which will retain the beautiful colors of the artwork without causing any distortion.

Sturdy Packaging

Outer shell is made of 7-layer corrugated cardboard. Inner packaging materials are perfectly integrated with the art product, preventing it from moving inside the box and causing damages. Test results indicate the box can withstand up to 100 kg external forces.

Limited Edition Artworks

The artists serve as instructors throughout the entire reproduction process. They autograph each art piece and fill in the serial numbers by themselves, thus these limited edition artworks have collection value and potential to appreciate in value. 

Certificate of Authenticity

Displays vital information about the artwork, including title, author, year of creation, type of artwork, and basic product specifications.


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world'S Most famous paintings

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William Tsui

I purchased the Japanese Footbridge, and the product well exceeded my expectations. In addition to excellent quality, the product arrived earlier than expected and the packaging was very professional and easy to open. I hope the company will offer additional selections in the future - I will be purchasing more and I highly recommend it!


Outstanding service. Delivery was one week early. Packaging was very carefully done. Keep up with the good work! I will come back after I renovate the house.


We received the Chinese character painting yesterday. The shipment arrived faster than the estimated schedule provided by Amazon.The package is quite large but packed carefully and nicely. The artwork itself is just as described by the Seller. We really like it and plan to hang it in our living room. Our purchase process was quite smooth and we would definite buy again from this Seller.

John Chen

I am very pleased with my purchase of Irises by Van Gogh. The quality of the painting and the frame is very classy and of the highest quality.

Norman Yung

I was delighted to get Irises for my wife for Valentine's Day. My wife absolutely adored it. Framed in the full-size decorative gold frame, the painting is stunning in all its vibrant colors of blue, green, orange, yellow, and white. We especially like the fine details and textures of the masterpiece captured brilliantly on canvas.

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